Sunday, August 1, 2010

Camp Leadership Festival!!!, August 1-6, 2010

Thursday, Aug 5, Renaissance Festival

What would a Renaissance Festival be without a King and Queen. Head counselors Mike and Katie were the King and Queen for the day at RMV. The RMV King and Queen set the tone for the day in preparation for the Midnight Masquerade Prom.

The activity areas were very busy. Campers wanted to catch their last fish, ride the horse one more time, fly through the air on the Zipline, and paint their mask for the prom. Vespers followed lunch in the Traquility Garden. Many Campers expressed their thanks to counselors and fellow Campers for making their week a memorable experience.

Preparation for the prom was the focus for the remainder of the afternoon. There were tuxedos to be squeezed into and prom dresses to be fluffed. Appetizers started at 5:00 followed by a white table cloth dinner that included a choice of steak, salmon or chicken. Great pie for desert with chocolate favors. The dance started at 7:00 in Genessee that was decorated like an Italian garden and villa. The Prom King, John, and Queen Terry were crowned to the cheers of the entire camp. Music was provided by a DJ with a great light show and photos were taken by a professional photographer. Campers, RMV counselors and staff thank the many donors who made prom possible this year.

This is the last Blog entry for 2010 Camp Leadership. We hope that your Camper returns home with memorable experiences and new friends. Please share this Blog and the pictures with your Camper. You can download load pictures for your Camper of their favorite moment or friend. Thank you for sharing your Camper with us and we look forward to their camp week in 2011.

For additional pictures of today's activities click HERE.

Wednesday, Aug 4, Woodstock Festival

At breakfast, Head Counselors Mike and Katie, our flower children, introduced the hippy generation associated with Woodstock. They protested the killing animals for food and the destruction of trees to make our paper cereal bowls and napkins.

The activity areas were very busy. The Zipline was running all morning and the horses got more then enough exercise. Tennis was the sport activity of the morning and the fish were biting at the pond. Prom prepartions continued as the Campers made masks at Arts and Crafts for the Midnight Masquerade Prom. Music was heard coming from the stage all morning including the thumping of the paint drums.

Following the rest period the Campers were able to recieve professional training in wheelchair dancing. A wheelchair dance instructor was in Genessee Hall giving dance instruction to the Campers. One of our Campers has been taking lessons from this instructor for quite awhile so they gave a very beautiful demonstruction of wheelchair dance techniques. All the Campers was given the opportunity to practice these techniques.

Wednesday is Pizza night followed by a movie.

Today we have a Camper contribution to the Blog.

Maddie's Blog

Aug. 4 2010

Today Lucia and I went ziplining and played tennis. My friend, Hannah taught wheelchair dancing to get us ready for prom. My prom date’s name is Louis. He is so sweet. I made a mask in Arts and Crafts.

Aug 3 2010

Today Lucia and I played wheelchair baseball and basketball. I liked baseball the best. Beth and Lucia helped me pedal a hand bike. That was fun.

Aug. 2 2010

Today Lucia helped me swim but I didn’t swim for long. I made Lucia a necklace and a painting in Arts and Crafts.

Aug. 1 2010
It is my fifth year at Easter Seals Camp. Can’t wait to have fun.

For additional pictures of today's activities click HERE.

Tuesday, Aug 3, Taste of RMV

Today had a special treat, the Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA) came to RMV. Eight members of PVA demonstrated and worked with the Campers on wheelchair activities including cycling, fishing, tennis, wiffle ball, and basketball. The Campers had a great time and learned how to develop some of their sport skills and learn new skills.

The activity areas were busy all day until the final activity session when the rains came. Chef Dave's evening meal was followed by the Taste of RMV Desserts. RMV staff represent many countries and each was challenged to prepare a dessert representative of their county. The countries represented included Bulgaria, Russia, Germany, Mexico, Wales, England and USA. The Campers enjoyed the delicious treats and got to experience a little culture of each country.

For additional pictures of today's activities click HERE.

Monday, Aug 2 Greek Festival

Every day at RMV starts with raising our Nations flag. The attire for the day seemed to be Greek togas, consistent with today's theme, Greek Festival. It started to rain after lunch and continued through lights out.

The Campers quickly adapted to the camp schedule and were ready to get started in the activity areas right after breakfast. Morning activities included fishing, swimming, arts and crafts, music and drama and horseback riding.

The afternoon was hampered by rain but the the amazing creativity of the counselors kept the campers very busy. The arts and craft room was filled with campers all afternoon and in the shelter of the docks they enjoyed fishing.

Prom preparations began, the guys were fitted for their tuxedos and the girls who need gowns had an opportunity to choose theirs from the large selection provided here at camp.

After dinner, head counselors Katie and Mike in their Greek togas had a Greek grape (marshmallow) eating contest.

For additional pictures of today's activities click HERE.

Sunday, Aug 1

Welcome to Camp Leadership Week Blog at Rocky Mountain Village (RMV). This Blog will keep you up to date on the daily activities at RMV for the week of August 1-6. A Blog will be posted each night sharing the day’s activities. A few pictures will be posted on the Blog page and a link will be included for other pictures. Please share the Blog address with your family and friends. We would appreciate your comments and suggestion.

Camp registration got to a great start and the rain did not dampen the bright sunny smiles and cheers of delight as returning campers and counselors reunited and first time campers made new friends. Thank you for sharing your camper with RMV. All the counselors and staff look forward to this week as a special opportunity to provide your camper with a great fun filled and learning experience.

Tonight was introduction night. Head Counselors Katie and Mike were the MCs for the evening, leading introductions and spirited repeat songs. Each cabin introduced themselves to their fellow campers.

The theme this week is "Festival". Each day will have a theme associated with festivals, so tomorrow we start with a Greek Festival. What better way to start a week of festivals then a short dance after introductions.

This is Prom Week a highlight of the week will be a formal prom on Thursday night. Many events this week will involve preparation for prom.

For additional pictures of today's activities click HERE.

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