Sunday, July 25, 2010

Camp Freedom July 25-30, 2010


Sunday Registration Day

Welcome Associate Campers to the Camp Freedom Week Blog at Rocky Mountain Village (RMV). This Blog will keep you up to date on the daily activities at RMV for the week of July 25 – July 30. Associate Campers are family and friends of campers who will share in the RMV activities and fun via this Blog. We look forward to sharing the weeks activities with you so please visit the Blog daily and we would appreciate your comments, suggestions and requests for the Blog.

Campers arrived with bright sunny smiles and cheers of delight as returning campers and counselors reunited and first time campers made new friends. Thank you Associate Campers for sharing your camper with RMV. All the counselors and staff look forward to this week as a special opportunity to provide your camper with a great fun filled and learning experience.

This week's theme is Summer Blockbuster. Watch for your favorite Hollywood stars and characters. Tonight was introduction night. Each cabin created a small skit to introduce the campers from their cabin.

For additional pictures of today's activities click HERE.

Monday Sci-Fi Day

Every day at RMV starts with the raising of our Nations Flag. Head counselors Katie and Mike announced that all Campers should be on the look out for space aliens who have threatened to invade RMV. The weather today was perfect with sunshine from sunrise to sunset.

All the activity areas were busy. Arts and Crafts hummed all day and music was heard coming from the Music and Drama area. Several Campers flew through the air on the Zip Line. Click HERE to experience the Zip Line from the Campers perspective. The fish in the pond didn't have a chance as over thirty fish were caught today. Some Camper went on a hay ride in the afternoon.

The space aliens arrived at dinner, fortunately they came in peace and friendship. After dinner there was a Science Fair. Each cabin was assigned a scientific experiment. The Campers created, volcanoes, tornadoes, quicksand, lava lamps and were able to get a water balloon into a water bottle.

For additional pictures of today's activities click HERE.

Tuesday Western Day

Chief Black Feather (Mike) and Cowgirl Katie announce today's activities that followed the Western theme of the day. Western Day's highlight was a rodeo show by the Colorado Westernaires, an all girls preceision horsemanship demonstration team of girls from Jefferson County. The Team brought 60 horse to the RMV horse arena and gave the campers and many guest a wonderful show. The campers were able to get up close to the horses after the show. The Team joined us for lunch.

Following lunch the RMV Western Fair include activities such as face painting, watermelon seed spitting, donut on a string eating, can bowling, fruit making out of recycled material and other activities to challenge the campers.

The evening event was a Drum Circle. To experience the Drum Circle click HERE.

For additional pictures of today's activities click HERE.

Wednesday, Horror Day

The day started and ended with rain but in between it was a day full of activities. It was another bad day for the fish in the pond but a great day for the Campers in the pool. A couple of monsters paid a visit to RMV and there was a costume contests at the afternoon snack. Tie-die t-shirts was the craft of the day.

Ponderosa Cabin was converted to a haunted house for the evening activities. Monsters and scary hollywood characters came out as the sun set.

For additional pictures of today's activities and videos of the pool, arts and crafts and indoor games click HERE.

Thursday,Musicals Day

Another fun and exciting day at RMV. Today is the last full day of Freedom Week and all the Campers wanted to do everything just one more time. Campers finished their art projects, caught just one more fish, enjoyed the freedom of flying down the Zip Line, pounded a beat on the drums at Music and Drama, visited the horses down at the stables, and spent some quality time with new friends.

Rain moved the Campers indoors for the movie "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" Several characters came alive, played by camp counselors.

The day ended with Vespers and the very important dance. After a very busy week the Camper's energy reached it's highest tempo at the dance.

This is our last Blog entry for Freebom week. Please share the Blog entries and the pictures with your Campers when they return home. Thanks for sharing your Camper with us and we look forward to seeing them next year.

For additional pictures of today's activities and videos of the pool, arts and crafts and indoor games click HERE.

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