Thursday, July 15, 2010


Wednesday was another awesome day! The weather has been best we've had all summer. My apologies for posting a little late-there hasn't been a lot of down time this week :)

I've added some new pictures from yesterday that can be found here. I will be adding more throughout the day so be sure to check back!!


  1. Thanks for sharing all the pictures! We've enjoyed seeing how much fun everyone is having. Looking forward to seeing my kid tomorrow though. We know you've had fun Jamie! We miss you and can't wait to see you too! love, Mom, Dad and Nathan

  2. This blog is super brilliant. I look everyday to see the smiles on such amazing people. Camp is looking so fun! Cannot wait to see my kiddos either mamma popp! See you later today Marko and Hannah.

  3. What an amazing experience camp was for my girls! They really had a great time. Amazingly, Madeline hasn't stopped talking about it since she got home and both are already talking about going back next year. (Madeline heard from a more 'experienced' camper that the second year it's easier to be away from Mom and Dad and just have fun ;-D) Thanks so much to all of you! What a fabulous, special group of people you are! We want Polly to come live with us!!