Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hemo week: Monday, July 19

Lively camp life started up right when campers arrived on Sunday. Late into the night people were singing and playing pranks on each other. In the morning we woke up to a bench on the roof of Aspen Cabin, toilet paper on many of our doors, and cabin cheers written in chalk all over the pavement. Today the BOEC campers rose bright and early to go rock climbing! After breakfast those left on camp began the week’s activities. A lot of people enjoyed going fishing in the morning because the weather was so pleasant. Many of us also got to have a go at the zipline and climbing wall! A very exciting experience. In the evening we had an awesome all-camp activity called Water World. There were lots of different games set up around camp that involved getting oneself wet as well as getting someone else wet! We arrived back to our cabins soaking wet but having had a blast (of both fun and water). There’s also a lot of camping going on this week; the BOEC boys are kickin’ it at Push Camp all week and there will be two different nights of optional camping for everyone else. Can’t wait for Tuesday!
Check out more pictures here.

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