Monday, July 12, 2010


It was a beautiful day at RMV with pleasant temperatures and clear skies. Following flag raising and breakfast, morning activities kicked off at 9:45. Activities included zip lining, fishing, horseback riding, paintballing, arts and crafts and TWT training.
In the afternoon, the swimming pool was popular as were fishing and tractor rides. Following dinner,an All Camp was held based around various methods of painting titled "Arts For All." Inevitably, not all the paint stayed on the canvas!

"Hoorahs" were announced to the following campers:

-Hoorah to Megan for supporting everyone at the zip line.
-Hoorah to Adriana for riding horses and going down the zip line.
-Hoorah to Eddie for going down the zip line and riding horses.
-Hoorah to Billy for going down the zip line and riding horses.
-Hoorah to Luke O. for catching four fish and riding horses.

Additional pictures amd video can be found here


  1. Hello to Jamie P. from Mom, Dad and brother! We hope you are having a GREAT time! :<)

  2. Hi Madeline and Megin!!!! We hope you are having a BLAST!!!!!!!! Love you, Mom & Dad

  3. Hey Garrett, can you help Jamie take pictures this week of his fun? I'm a scrapbooking mom and want to be sure we capture the cool stuff he's doing this week. Thanks so much! We love you Jamie! Momma-Mauri

  4. Hey Madeline!! Let them take a picture of you, too!! We want to see you!!! Love M & D