Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adventure Week

It's Adventure Week at RMV!! The sub-theme for the week is "topsy turvey" and what a wild week it's been!
The week began on sunday with check-in and activity planning before concluding with introductory cabin skits around the campfire. Activities kicked off Monday at 9:30 a.m. amidst clear skies. For the first activity, campers went with their cabin groups to various program areas. Ponderosa cabin was led on a hike throughout camp by Outdoor Living Skills (OLS) while Aspen and Alpine cabin took a morning dip in the pool. Meadowbrook cabin saddled up with horses while rainbow cabin dropped their lines and tried their luck at the fishing pond. Frontier cabin seized the "topsy turvey" theme by beginning their day with a dance party with Music and Drama (M&D) on the stage. Close by, Sunshine was busy making crazy tye die in Arts and Crafts(A&C). A free activity followed before lunch at 12:00.
Following lunch, rest and snack afternoon activities resumed with two,back-to-back, cabin activities. Ponderosa cabin particpated in "mural madness" at A&C while Aspen and Meadowbrook cabin polished their tennis serves at Sports and Recreation. Alpine cabin could be heard echoing throughout camp as they rocked the stage at M&D in recreating a rock band performance. All the while, Sunshine and Rainbow cabins seized the gorgeous afternoon and joined together for a pool party. The final cabin program activity began at 4:45. After the horses were returned to the stable for evening, tractor rides began while fishing and swimming remained popular destinations. Ponderosa cabin created their own "puppet theatre" on stage while Aspen, Sunshine and Rainbow cabins panned for gold and particiapted in parachute games. Zip line saw a steady stream of eager campers all day. Those scheduled to have zip lined Monday include the following: Remmi L., Oliver O., Eddie A., Christian V., Julie T., Lena M., Carson C., Sam R., Alex., Chris M., Hunter S., and Chandler.Following dinner, an All Camp began at 7:00 p.m. The theme surrounding Monday's All Camp was "The Land Before Time." For the all camp, program staff were dressed and painted to resemble raptors and stationed at different areas throughout camp. Each station had its own cache of "star leaves" and "golden flowers" which the campers needed to gather, as a cabin, from the raptors (program staff) to compete against other cabins that were also gathering the same leaves and flowers. At the end of the All Camp, each cabin was recognized for the total star leaves and golden flowers acquired and each camper received a prize.

"Hoorahs" are announced each day at dinner to recognize a notable camper exploits. Monday's Hoorahs included the following:
Remmi for doing the zip line as well as petting and feeding the horses.
Erik D. for hiking to outcamp.
Chris M. for trying the zip line and for being the the greatest cleaner.
Alex J. for getting into the pool.
Evert (To Eddie) for going down the zip line.

*A list with with camper-cabin assignment as well as Tuesday's activities will be posted later today, check back! More pictures are also being posted!

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