Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Camp MDA1: Day 1, June 14

Wow, what a start to the week! After a calm weekend up at RMV camp has burst to life again! Everyone is so enthusiastic about camp this week. Cabin pride is high, at each meal we sing songs about our cabin and compete to see who can sing the loudest, and we’ve completed a lot of complicated tasks through strong teamwork. Today’s theme was “a bug’s life” so many of us scurried around to our various activities with pipe cleaner antennas. In the evening we had an all-camp activity in which we broke up into groups and had to build model birds, dress up and perform skits, and solve a word game in order to get ingredients to make s’mores! It was a play off of the movie A Bug’s Life in which there’s a search for lost food. Even at the end of the day energy was running high… can’t wait for tomorrow!

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