Thursday, June 17, 2010

Camp MDA1: Day 4, June 17

Today was the last full day at RMV camp MDA1 so we all tried to get the most we could out of it. Many people signed up for and got the chance to do the activities they weren’t able to do earlier in the week. Lowe’s came to visit today and they brought bird house making kits and ate lunch outside with us. After dinner we spent time in the Tranquility Garden reflecting on our time at camp and singing together. To finish off the night we had a dance! We got to dance with all our new friends and discover exciting new ways of moving with our legs or wheelchair. Some people were doing fast-paced jigs while others got on some slow twirls, and one group of boys where even breakdancing on the floor. We’re going to be sad to have to say bye to everyone tomorrow.

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