Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My times at camp

I've been coming for over thirty years. Over the years I've always tried to have a goal or challenge myself. One year I pushed my manual chair up every hill at camp. Several years ago Colorado Homebuilders Association and my mother, who was a part of the committee of the Homebuilder's Association of Colorado, designed the out-camp trail which is a wood path that goes for a quarter of a mile up the side of a mountain and I have pushed my manual chair up it 16 times and in the year 2000 I crawled up that very same path for the first time and only time so far. Other things that I have done is that I've started enjoying horseback riding, I used to be very scared of horses; the heights of them and the movement scared me because my balance was not so good. I have also been 50 feet up a tree using pulleys and I really enjoyed the view from up top, I had never been up a tree before. One year I swam 132 laps in the pool which is one mile. The next year I dobled that: 264 laps, which is two miles and to this day no one else has beaten that. Last year I painted my first oil painting, this year I am painting another picture. I decided I enjoy painting.
The first day at camp this year I went on the zip line. It was very fun, they put me in a sling like thing. I had been on the zip line before but this was the best of all. I also went horseback riding and fishing but I didn't fish, instead I fed the fish.

-Kristin L. Brooks

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